Submitting your images to The Giving Gallery is easy. Just fill out the form below and attach the image you’d like to submit. Before you submit, please read the following helpful hints. If images are submitted incorrectly, they will not be included in The Giving Gallery, no matter how awesome they are.

What file size should my photo be?

The most important part of submitting an image is making sure that the dimensions of the image are correct. The Giving Gallery is not able to resize images and will not post images that are improperly resized.

The correct dimensions for your images are 5250 pixels x 3500 pixels.

Please save your images at 100dpi. There are no exceptions made for these sizes. When submitting your files, please note that the finished product is a full gallery wrap. The outer 1.5″ will wrap around the image on all sides. Please make sure that all critical parts of the image are inside this area.

How many photos can I submit?

Photographers are allowed to submit 1 image at a time. Once that image is selected, it will run for a month and then you’re free to submit another image. If the image isn’t selected, we’ll let you know and you can submit something else. While there’s nothing to stop you from submitting a million images, please remember that The Giving Gallery is run as a labor of love and your cooperation makes it much easier for us to keep this site alive.

What do I get out of this?

The lifeblood of The Giving Gallery is the willingness of photographers to share their work. Beside every image, we proudly display your name, a link to your website and a few other things about you. We’d love it if your donation to the gallery can get you more publicity or more work. However, The Giving Gallery is set up as a way for photographers to be able to give something back. We ask that you do your best to donate your images with mindset of giving, in hopes that your work will help change the lives of those it helps.

What types of photos are you looking for?

While there are no rules for the types of photos that get selected, we encourage you to consider things that the general public might love hanging on their walls. This could be landscapes, macro, abstract or anything else that might look great on a wall. Things like family portraits are not encouraged because most people don’t know your family, even if they’re really nice.

Why is there a selection process for images to be displayed?

While we’d love to include everything, the selection process ensures 3 things: 1) That the photos in The Giving Gallery are stunning and diverse enough for people to come back to visit us or tell their friends. 2) That The Giving Gallery doesn’t get overwhelming for viewers. This is why photos expire and are posted and removed continuously. 3) That the images in the gallery are appropriate.

What types of photos are not allowed?

While there are no specific rules for images, photos that display nudity or questionable subject matter will not be selected. While we understand that many love the artistic nature of these photos, the site is here to help support the kids at the Kwa Watoto school and homey don’t play that.

What happens now?

Once you submit your image, you should hear back from us within 1-2 weeks to let you know if your image has been selected. If you don’t hear back in that time frame, we most likely have a backlog of images are trying our best to space out the selections and not overwhelm the gallery.