The Giving Gallery is a joint effort between professional photographers and photography-lovers to share their love of beautiful imagery to affect change in the world. Here’s how it works.




How did The Giving Gallery start and how does the money get dispersed?

The Giving Gallery started as a dream. Seriously. Tony Hoffer (a photographer in Philadelphia) woke up one morning with the idea to start a gallery to support eduKenya. Tony contacted some friends and Rawfolio offered to make The Giving Gallery a reality (free of charge). Less than 8 hours later, the framework for The Giving Gallery was complete. We found a way to offer gallery wraps at a significant discount in order to keep the prices manageable and the donations high. And thus The Giving Gallery was born. Each month the totals earnings, costs and donation amounts are posted on The Giving Gallery Facebook page to ensure accountability.

How long does my canvas take to arrive?

Most orders are delivered within 3-4 weeks. Typically orders are approved and ordered within 1-2 weeks. Then they’re printed and shipped in another 1-2 weeks. While we will work to get you your canvas as soon as possible, please exercise patience. The Giving Gallery has no official employees (and Tony doesn’t have tons of free time) so we work to get your new artwork to you as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

Is this a tax write off?

Since you’re ordering a physical product, canvases from The Giving Gallery are not a tax write off. However, all of the proceeds go to charity, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re filling your walls for a good cause.

How do I submit an image?

If you’re a professional photographer, you can submit an image for the gallery by using our submission page. All the instructions and specs are there. You will be notified within 1-2 weeks if your image has been selected.

How many images can I submit?

In order to keep the gallery at a reasonable (and desirable) level, photographers are limited to displaying one image at a time. Once that image expires (in 1 month), you’re free to submit another image. The more the merrier! Make sure to choose images that the general public might love having on their walls.

What happens when an image expires?

When an image expires, it is wiped off the face of The Giving Gallery universe. We do this to keep the gallery fresh and to allow photographers lots of opportunities to share images. It also allows us to give you an incentive to purchase an image. If you see an image you LOVE, but just can’t buy it within the time frame, feel free to contact the photographer directly. While we can’t guarantee that the price or products remain the same, we highly encourage you to support the photographers that make The Giving Gallery happen.

How else can I support these photographers?

Besides making the photographers feel great by hanging their work in your home (and trust us, that feels great!) we’d love it if you could share the work of your favorite new photographers with your friends and family. The photographers featured in The Giving Gallery are hard-working small business owners who donate their images because they believe in making a difference. Supporting their businesses is an amazing way to thank them for their commitment.

How else can I support eduKenya?

Despite our best efforts, eduKenya is a non-profit that is always battling to provide resources and self-sustainability for the kids of the Mathare slum. Please check out all the amazing work their doing, support them individually or even go on one of their vision trips to see the organization in action. Trust us when we say that you will never be the same after visiting the Kwa Watoto school.